Phoenix Player Resources


Phoenix Launches At GenCon 2016!

First of all, PHOENIX IS IN THE WILD! If you’re on Twitter, let me know (@Hellcowkeith) when you get your copy! For those of you who didn’t back the Kickstarter, we’ll be bringing Phoenix to [...]

Design Diary: Bone Chariots

The Bone Chariot is another favorite card of ours, but was our biggest design challenge to so far. The chariot is part of the Bone Legion, which we had established a look for in the [...]

Design Diary: Fallen Innocents

Grace Allison and Rich Ellis are back with an art and design diary for Phoenix: Dawn Command! The Chanter Mob is comprised of regular people corrupted by the mysterious Chant that your Phoenixes will be [...]

VIDEO! The Art of Phoenix: Dawn Command

Grace Allison and Rich Ellis shared their art expertise with a hangout audience this past Sunday, and it's been recorded on YouTube for those who missed it!