Phoenix Player Resources


Phoenix Player Handbook   This is a simple handbook for people playing Phoenix: Dawn Command. It includes overviews of both the setting and system, along with a set of questions to help players develop the background of their characters. This is a 12-page PDF, designed to be printed in “booklet” format (which will only use three sheets of paper). 

Torch Cards  Torch cards and environmental elements for all combat scenes in the Dark Omens mission path included in Phoenix:Dawn Command. This PDF should be printed double-sided. 

Pre-generated Phoenix Characters This PDF contains a wing of four Rank 1 Phoenixes. Each character has Traits and Lessons assigned, along with a questionnaire allowing the player to personalize their Phoenix.


Phoenix in Action: Intro & Sample Game Play

Phoenix: Dawn Command — Character Creation Guide by Richard Malena

Phoenix: Dawn Command – Skill Spreads by Rich Malena

Phoenix: Dawn Command Combat Spreads by Rich Malena