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Introduction to the Art Process

Today we have a Design Diary from Grace Allison and Rich Ellis, the artists behind Phoenix: Dawn Command. The artists will be appearing in a LIVE Hangout Q+A on April 26, 2015 - join them!  [...]

AMA with Keith Baker!

Keith is currently running an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread on the Eberron subreddit. Check it out!

On Death: Design Diary from Dan Garrison

The Elemental Phoenix has been assaulting the rotting colossus with bolts of lightning while his wingmates engage at close range, but finally the seven-story-tall giant turns its gaze to this distant irritant, ripping a house [...]

Halfway to our goal! Hangout on Air Video Q+A Tonight!

What a fabulous first day we had yesterday! Keith and Jenn shared some of their excitement on our Facebook Page Hangout on Air: Tonight at 6 Pacific Join Keith, Jenn and Dan tonight for a [...]