The Bone Chariot is another favorite card of ours, but was our biggest design challenge to so far. The chariot is part of the Bone Legion, which we had established a look for in the appropriately named Bone Legion card.


Here, we needed to depict a chariot drawn by a spectral horse and manned by two Bones: one to drive and one to operate the built-in flamethrower. Furthermore, everything shown is falling apart, from the horse to the chariot itself. Some kind of ectoplasmic field is holding them together rather than physics.

This gave us a bevy of design issues to sort out. What would an undead horse look like? How technologically advanced should the flamethrower be? And, most importantly, how were we going to get this extremely horizontal subject fit onto a vertical card?

We went through dozens of iterations for the layout before finding that the solution was to have them running down a hill. The diagonal composition gave us a little more space, and with the horse rearing up, we could fit everything in. The end result was also very dynamic, and those Bones totally look like they’re having fun!


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