Grace Allison and Rich Ellis are back with an art and design diary for Phoenix: Dawn Command!


The Chanter Mob is comprised of regular people corrupted by the mysterious Chant that your Phoenixes will be investigating. Keith had a wonderful concept for us to work with, which was to use the characters from the Innocents card to depict this scenario. Rich and I loved this, as it helps build the urgency to help the situation.

The Innocents Card

The Innocents Card

The layout was almost identical to the Innocents, except the humans are reaching out and bleeding from the eyes, ears, and mouth. We didn’t want things to get too grim, so the baby and young child are missing and replaced, respectively. We liked the substitution of the young man who is crawling, as the Chant can cause individuals to keep moving regardless of injuries. Perhaps his legs were broken? It won’t stop him from attacking you!

There was some debate on the color scheme to use for the final version of the card. The grey is for the Antediluvian (undead) type challenges, and the blue is for mortals. We wanted to show both versions of the card, and I won’t spoil which one will be used in-game.

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